Dec 14, 2012

[I'm here Mail] How to use

[ I'm here Mail ] is an automatic email sending application that uses your location information. 
• Automate daily communications
• Have important people use it
• Send emails while driving

1.Set up an e-mail account
First let's register an email account. For registration you will need an email address, login name, and password.

2.Setting a pin
Add a pin to where you want to send an email. You can add red pins to selected locations from your address book or from addresses and place names using the search bar. And, when you have added a pin to a place on the map you want, then make the pin purple by holding down on the map. If you hold down while the pin's bubble is displayed you can lift it up. When you have decided on the pin’s location, tap the bubble’s arrow button.

3.Register a pin
Then assign information to the pin. You can change settings after they are made. You can register up to 20 pins.

LocationThe name of the pin. The subject line in the email will be "Arrived in XXXX," so give it a name to be passed on to the recipient.
SendSwitch mail transmission on or off.
ToThe recipient of the email. You can input it directly or from your address book. You can also choose multiple recipients.
BodyThe body of the email. It will scroll down when there is a new line.
TimingThe timing for sending the email. Choose from departure time or arrival time.
Notification RangeThe distance from the pin when an email will be sent.
Time SettingsYou can limit the days of the week and time periods.

4.Managing a pin
Registered pins turn green. You can lift them up, and edit using the bubble’s arrow button or list. On the list you can manage sending to ON/OFF, and you can select and delete multiple at a time.

5.Sending email
After the GPS button is set to ON, emails will be sent.

An email can be sent after each setting.

* Multiple consecutive emails may be sent in areas with low GPS accuracy. It is recommended that you test it by setting yourself as the addressee. 
* Battery power is consumed more quickly as it will obtain your current location while in use.

6.Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrade history
2012/12/07 ver1.0.0 リリース

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